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Eight years ago, I thought I was happy but was challenged to consider whether I could be happier. I had to question my beliefs about happiness and success. I realised that to make meaningful changes I would need to step outside of my comfort zone in all aspects of my life.
This was hard, I had to take risks and overcome limiting beliefs. Today I am my authentic self and created a meaningful and exciting life and career that I love.
I achieved my impossible and want to help you do the same.
I draw on my real-life experiences and my expertise as a certified coach, NLP Master practitioner, Wingwave coach, successful entrepreneur and investor, 20 years in corporate leadership, extensive education in leadership, disruptive innovation and market positioning.

louise bradshaw

How do you define success?
This simple question took me on an inward journey, forcing me to challenge my values, beliefs and the identity I had constructed.
How was I measuring my life?
The answer to this was not a comfortable truth for me.
I needed to create a life measured in terms of happiness, purpose, fulfilment and the value I create for myself and others. At the time I wasn’t even sure this was possible. The road ahead stretched and challenged me and ultimately allowed me to achieve my impossible. I’m excited to help you achieve yours.
I draw on many years of experience and expertise in Coaching, NLP, CBT, Wingwave coaching, Personality profiling, Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Leadership and entrepreneurship.

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We want to see you happy and succeeding

Critical point and dilemma sessions

This option provides you with virtual support within 1 – 24 hours
Our days are becoming increasingly complex with more choices and decisions to be made and a myriad of stresses that can leave us feeling overwhelmed.
We support you during these critical points and dilemmas with problem solving, removing anxieties and gaining clarity and confidence.

Tailored programme designed around

A unique coaching experience centred around the kind of person you want to be and the life you want to live.
We work together to help you create your desired future and achieve your impossible.

Coffee Catchup session

We bring the coffee you bring the agenda
Sharing and talking helps us grow
We are all faced with many options and choices in our lives and at times it can be difficult to know where to start and which way to turn
When faced with these forks in the road we are your personal sounding board, helping you gain clarity and determine your best direction
We explore where you are today, what brought you to this point and what taking the next step can mean for you.
Together we can discover and resolve any limiting beliefs that are holding you back, empowering you to accelerate your outcomes.