When Pigs Fly

How we help


You are a human being first, before you are an employee, business owner, partner or parent. Understanding yourself is the first and most important step towards changing any aspect of your life and having a fulfilling and successful career. With us there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to coaching, we believe your coaching experience should be unique to you.

You will benefit from our broad experience to identify and harness your unique strengths and accelerate your outcomes.

Traditional coaching models tend to focus solely on how we think to create positive actions for change. At When Pigs Fly, we believe it is important to work with all aspects of ourselves;  cognitive, physiological and emotional, in order to achieve the most significant and sustainable growth.

Our Outcome Accelerator is a simplified means of achieving sustained outcomes.

We help individuals and entrepreneurs  to challenge long-held beliefs and to question limiting behaviours, to bring about lasting positive change that allows you to build the life, career and business that you love. Working with us will give you the opportunity to reach your full potential.

When you want to achieve any outcome in your life – like losing weight, getting fit, managing your health or filing your tax return, you will probably hire an expert to help you. Achieving total life satisfaction is no different – that’s where When Pigs Fly  comes in.

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